Our Goal

We at Devotion Care Inc. have the ability, flexibility and experience to work with individuals in new and innovative ways to develop services tailored to each individual’s needs.

At Devotion Care Inc. we encourage individuals and their families, to be actively involved in many aspects of planning, decision making and delivery of services.   

Our employees maintain high standards based on our core values (RIPE). These values guide every aspect of our work:
•    Respect: Treating people with the highest respect.
•    Integrity: Working with integrity at all times.
•    Professional excellence: Demonstrating the highest level of professionalism.
•    Ethical Practice: Work to the highest ethical standards .

Core Values

Our Strength

Our Belief 

At Devotion Care Inc. we believe that all individuals, regardless of ability have the same basic human needs and value autonomy, individuality, love and acceptance. Our programs are geared towards ensuring that our residents feel nurtured and empowered. 

Each person needs stability and continuity, growth and learning; community participation; and protection of their legal and human rights.


Our Reputation

We offer a proven track record of dedicated and compassionate service. Devotion Care Inc. consists of a network of experienced and conscientious professionals committed to providing consummate one on one support for people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities. 


Our Expertise 
Devotion Care Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional services to the following:
1) Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
2) Autism/Cerebral Palsy/Bipolar Disorder
3) Physical/learning disability

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